Day 1. Packing to go away: I went down to Avoca to see my coach Glen Micro Hall to do some coaching before leaving to go to Tahiti. The waves were 1 to 2 ft mainly left handers couple rights. We were focusing on heat strategies.
Later that day it was time to pack for Tahiti. I was so excited to go. I packed all my boards, wax, fins, towels and clothes. Double checking i had everything then went to bed at about 10:30 for a early wake up at 2:30am. I didnt get to sleep until about 12:30 that night cause I was thinking about Tahiti and getting big barrels and going good in the comps.

Day 2, Travel day: woke up at 2:30am the following morning with 2 hrs sleep but ready for the big day of traveling. Got to the airport at about 4:30. Said my good byes to my parents and then went and checked my boards in. All the boards got through and everything was ok. My friend Jeames Young and I were in the airport and had 2 hrs before we boarded the plane. So we went and sat down at the Apple computer store and used their computers to watch surf video's and check the swell for the comps. Swell looked really fun even though we didnt know conditions were right for the waves ahah. After that we went and caught up with some of our other mates who were going to Tahiti  as well. We just chilled at the gate playing games on our phones and listing to music. I tried getting some sleep but it was really hard so I just watched movies. When Jeames and I arrived at New Zealand we really wanted WIFI so we could go on instagram and stuff. So we went to the Emperor lounge and it was going to cost $55 which included wifi, food and drinks so we decided to pay it,  because we probably would of spent $50 on food and other things in the airport. It was so good having wifi and as much food as you wanted. After that we went and jumped on our flight from New Zealand to Tahiti. This flight was fully booked out. No spare seats to lay down in which sucks. So tried getting some sleep but it was really hard so i just watched a couple movies. When we landed I was just hoping my boards arrived and sure enough they did. I was so stoked. Walked out the airport to see my friend Arii who is a Tahitian who lives in Tahiti. I was going to stay with him and his family. We got to his house and we were both tired so we went to sleep.

Day 3: Travel day from Tahiti to Rangiroa: we woke up at 7:00 and got in the car to go and get some food for breaky. After breaky we went for a quick surf at Papara wich is a right and left rock bottom. It was really fun and good to get wet and get all the traveling greese off. The water was like a bath. I got old man fingers, its so warm. Then we went back to Arii's house and I met he's Parents, they are so nice and very loving people.  I packed my surf board bag again to get on one more flight to Rangiroa where the first comp is. I got to the airport and checked in but they couldn't put my boards through because there wasn't enough room on the plane. So they are going to send them the next day on a 7:00 flight. Lucky the comp didnt start for another 3 days. We lined up on the plane and Arii told me we have to go straight away because you pick your own seats on the plane. So we were up the front of the line and we got good seats and now off to Rangiroa.

Day 4: Went and got my boards from the airport at about 10:30. Went for a free surf at 11 am for a couple hours. Water so warm and so clear. Waves were really fun 3ft but hard to get waves cause everybody surfing for the comp. Went home slept for 1 hour and the back out for a arvo surf.

Day5: I woke up at 6:00 to go surfing. Waves were smaller then day before. All if the local Tahitians were out surfing. They are all so nice and will paddle up to you and shake your hand. If you wait long enough they will eventually give you a wave.
Had a couple more surfs and a couple more sleeps! For dinner we had fish, half was cooked and the other half was sashimi. 

Day 6: Start of comp waiting period:
Got up early again and went for a free surf to sus the waves and landmarks. It was windy and 2ft. They made a call to hold the comp till 1:00 and make another call. 1:00 came around and they said they will wait untill tomorrow. I went out surfing and it actually got really fun. I wish they had of held the comp. We had coconuts when we came in. I love them. Came home and had beef stew with rice for dinner. So good.

Day 7: I woke up early and went for a free surf. Waves were fun. I fell off on a wave and cut my fingers. They didnt run the comp till later during the day at about 4:00pm and they only got 4 heats done. So  was 2nd heat of the day when they ran next.

Day 8: I woke up vomiting and had a real bad head ache. I went for a surf hoping I might feel better but I couldn't even really stand up. The comp was on and I tried my best but I just missed out by 0.2 the other guy got the score in the last minute. I was just feeling too sick and weak. I just went home and lay in bed. I was feeling really sick getting fevers, pains in my belly, my head felt like it was being squished, I felt dizzy and couldn't stand or even sit.

Day 9: lay in bed all day. Still feeling sick

day 10: lay in bed for half the day then on the plane back to Tahiti. I feel a little bit better but still sick

Day 11 to 13: still felt sick these days so decided to book my flight early and left on the 13th day.

Day 14: I finally got to Sydney. My mum (who i missed the whole time) picked me up and she took me to the hospital straight away and they did some blood tests and other tests on me. They think I have Dengue Fever.  So I cant do anything besides watch movies and play Xbox till I feel better. I can't wait to go surfing again.

Just remember when traveling to take mosquito repellant!!! It sucks being sick when your away especially in a place like Tahiti!!!

Riley Laing - 2013

Here is a short video I made of me surfing around the world in 2013. I surfed some big wave spots I'd never thought I'd surf in 2013. In this video there is Waimea, Backdoor, Pipeline, West Java, Bali, Shipsterns Bluff and more!!! Check it out !! Yew

Filmed by Scott Laing and Owen Milne
Edited by Riley Laing



We have had a couple fun days out Rocky Point ,Off The Wall and Backdoor.
I was privileged to watch and listen to the opening Ceremony of the Eddie Aikau
where all my heroes were there and past heroes were mentioned.

Filmed & Edited by Owen Milne


Here is my RILEY HAWAII episode three clip.
Had a couple fun days out Backdoor, Pipeline, Rocky's and Insanities.
We had one big swell out Pipeline on 'Black Friday' but I didn't get any waves cause it was so crowded. I talk about it in the clip.

Filmed and Editded by Owen Milne


Here is episode two of RILEY HAWAII. We had a flat week here on the north shore but still had a couple of fun sessions at Backdoor, Off The Wall and Rocky's. Featuring Kalani David skating. Check it out !!!

Filmed & Edited : Owen Milne


I arrived in Hawaii 4 days ago. I had a couple of fun surfs at Rocky Point the first day and then it rained for 2 days but the surf was pumping and I surfed Laniakea and Sunset. Today I surfed at Back Door and Off the Wall it was sick. I've been skating every afternoon at Banzai Skate park, the skatepark is hectic and there are some really good skaters there. Here is a couple of frame grabs from a couple of surfs I've had around Hawaii.

Im putting up a clip every week of my time in Hawaii. Episode 1 dropes Saturday night. Stay tuned.......


I went to Bali on the 8th of october for a big swell with Justen "Jughead" Allport. We surfed Uluwatu on the big days and people were saying it was the biggest swell of the year. I Got some big waves so did Jughead. Jughead got the biggest wave of the day I think. Some of the waves were 12 to 15ft. After the swell I stayed in bali for about 2 and a half weeks and surfed Keramas, Canguu and a couple over places. Here is a movie I made from my trip to Bali. Hope you like it.

Filmed by: Wayan Mayox

Edited by: Riley Laing

Shipsterns Bluff Aprill 12 2013

Here is a clip I made of Shipsterns Bluff of when I went down on the 12th of April 2013. There were a couple of big waves ridden this day by the best big wave surfers in the world and evan Kelly Slater showed up. Check it out !!!

Surfers :  Riley Laing, Kelly Slater, Marti Paradisis, Laurie Towner, Tyler Holmer-Cross, James Holmer-Cross, Danny Griffiths, Mark Mathews, Ryan Hipwood, Wade Goodall, Sam Mcintosh and Ignacio Salazar. 

Video: Scott Laing

Edited: Riley Laing


Harper Doyle winner of the Dylan Longbottom Surfboard

I had a surfboard comp on saturday the 10th of August via Instgram and Facebook were I would upload a photo of one of Dylan Surfboards at a Location on the Central Coast NSW and the first kid 13 years and under to find out were it is and gets to the surfboard first wins the Dylan Surfboard. I was waiting for about 10 to 15 minutes till I seen a litte kid about 500 meters away sprinting as fast as he could and he's dad trying to keep up behind him. I was so stoked for him to win it, He deserved it !! Look out for this kid in the future, He's gona be ripping !!! Congrats Harper Doyle.



Thans heaps to Tracks Magazine for doing a 9 page spread from our trip to Indonesia. I went to Indonesia with Dylan Longbottom, Ignacio Salazar, Spence Hornby (photographer) and my Dad (Scott Laing). We had pumping waves to ourselves i coudn't belive it. Here are the Photo's that Tracks magazine ran in there Augest issue. Out on stands now.


Check out these great shots from Shipsterns earlier this year of Marti Paradisis, Kelly Slater, Mark Mathews, Tyler Homer-Cross, Ryan Hipwood, Danny Griffths, Wade Goodall and Laurie Towner. All photo's by: Spence Hornby

It started out at 6ft to 10ft paddle waves then the swell build through the day and ended up getting to 12ft to 15ft tow waves and every boddy was charging and pushing themselves over the ledge and up under the lip. 


It was such an amazing trip to surf with my surfing hero's and watch how they surf the challeging waves at Shipstern Bluff.